Episode 4 - Summer of Fun w/ Justin + Mikey! by Reese Hayes

I’ve been sorta MIA the past few weeks. Partly because I felt like I needed a break from social media, but mostly because I’ve been spending the majority of my free time editing Cobblestoned 4. So, to hold you over, I present Dashing Agent The Podcast Episode 4 A.S.M.R Edition! It’s definitely a weird one, but I suspect it will still bring you tons of value.

Thanks for listening!

Justin joined us this summer from Penn State University. His new found passion for film and enthusiasm for the art has invigorated and motivated us to create more and do better work. It was a pleasure watching Justin grow and learn as a filmmaker. We’re so very proud of him. Before he went back to school, we forced him to sit with us and talk about all the cool things he learned as the Dashing Intern this summer. Turns out, we may not have been the amazing teachers and role models we thought we were.

Mikey’s introduction to the Podcast is a fun one. She and Reese got a bit tipsy watching David Fincher’s Mindhunter and decided to slur about it into the wee hours of the morning. I honestly can’t remember what we talked about or if we said anything too stupid to air….

Episode 3 - Building a Better Community by Reese Hayes

Actor, Producer, Funny Person, and Good Friend, Eric Swader joins us on the show to discuss his acting career to date, making the best of a not so great situation, and doing everything in his power to make the Pittsburgh Film Community a better place for everyone involved.

Eric first worked with Dashing Agent on Chapter 3 of Half Bath before helping out in our still unreleased short film and stealing the show with Mr. Finch in Cobblestoned 3. Eric is one of the kindest and smartest folks I know in the film community. He continually works with talented filmmakers, helping build their projects and sharing them with everyone he can. We spoke a lot about doing work for free and the importance of collaborating as well as what steps we can take to make the film community more beneficial for everyone involved!

Episode 2 - Moving to L.A. by Reese Hayes

Episode 2 of The Podcast features Dashing Agent collaborator, Daniel Kusnir, all the way from Los Angeles! He took time out of his busy freelance schedule to discuss how life in Hollywood is going; the food, the weather, the smog... It's a treat!

L.A. is the mecca of filmmaking and the place where most filmmakers strive to be, but it’s not the only place to make movies in 2019. It’s totally possible make films in Pittsburgh or Nashville or St. Louis or wherever! The most important thing is to become a better filmmaker on your own time. That’s what we’re trying to do with Cobblestoned (which happens to be Kusnir’s FAVORITE WEB SERIES!) and you can do it too!

Episode 1 - Directing Your First Feature by Reese Hayes

Welcome to the first episode of Dashing Agent, The Podcast! I sat down and spoke with my friend Dan Helbling about his experiences directing his first feature film.

You might know Dan from such Dashing Agent classics as Half Bath or Cobblestoned! He’s a skilled director, editor, actor and motion graphics artist. And he’s a great friend! He recently directed the romantic comedy feature film, That’s Amore, and had tons of pieces of advice to give me, while we sat at his kitchen table drinking some East End IPAs. His adorable dog, Toby, makes an unscheduled appearance and kept us company while we talked.